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   As an artist I found within dolls the means for my true and honest artistic expression. I think about dolls everyday, all the time. They allow me to explore different ideas, aesthetics and time periods of fashion and beauty. The joy of transforming a doll by even the slightest changes in her eyes, wig or dress is the emotion I try to capture the most. Magic is hidden within small things.


Aoi Hamilton
Pauli Faceup Studio

I love creating with artists and I have a great pleasure of working with talented people I admired for years as a doll fan.

Aoi is a Japanese artist known for her romantic and dreamy dresses. Please visit Aoi’s blog and follow her on Twitter.

Pauli is an amazing Polish doll make up artist, painting gorgeous faceups on dolls of all sizes. Please see her profiles on Facebook and Instagram.


   I’m a doll maker currently living in Warsaw, Poland. I design, create and stylize ball jointed dolls cast in polyurethane resin. Each part of the doll is connected with elastic strings and hooks, allowing articulation. My dolls are very delicate and focus on showing my favorite type of beauty that I like to call dreamy and feminine. These dolls are meant to be a collectors item to be showcased as a visual treat.

   The journey to create one of these dolls begins with sketching ideas. Then comes sculpting, slowly and with care giving shape to the idea from paper. After that the dolls are cast in resin with silicone molds, based on the original prototype. At this point each doll can be customized further with make up, dresses and various accessories.



I’m very proud and grateful to be featured on great doll related pages such as TheBJDPlace, BJDcollectasy and The STAND Magazine.